For Node Operators
This page will explain requirements and on-boarding steps for dStor Storage Node Operators

Intel i3 dual core @ 2Ghz or better. (Operators may be able to use a lesser system, but it is not supported.)

Ubuntu Linux version 18.04 LTS or later LTS version.

8Gb Ram. More is better.

IPv6 is required. NAT-ed IPv4 is acceptable for basic needs. A public IPv4 address assigned to a local interface is needed if you want to resolve IPv4 requests for dStor too. Resolving IPv4 requests for dStor is optional but may lead to more data service.

Minimum 4TB of hard drive space. More is better. Partitions must be empty and mounted somewhere that is reboot proof. XFS is recommended, however ZFS, EXT4 and other file systems should be ok.

2 TiB in size (or more) and the mount point’s final subpath must end in data.

The cache partition must be 20% in size of the data partition (or more) and its mount point final subpath must end in cache. Example:
_mnt_dstor/outpost-cache OR /cache

Start by visiting and choosing 'Become an Outpost'.
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